Article de Steve Prati, for USA TODAY NETWORK – TENNESSEE, à propos de Pezenas, du Sud de la France et des vins du languedoc.

Nous sommes dans la liste des vignerons à visiter 😉

C’est en anglais :

On a recent trip to France, I fell in love with what might be called the Cinderella of French wine regions–Languedoc. While other areas such as Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, and Rhone get a lot of attention and glory, Languedoc has done the heavy lifting—producing fully a third of France’s wine….

….Pezenas is not big and bawdy like Marseille, or high-tech like Toulouse. The town is more country mouse than city mouse and it has the comfortable lived-in feel of the people who call it home….

…In my experience, winemakers tend to have a well developed hospitality gene, but the wine producers of Languedoc really made us feel as if their home was our home…

…A sort of wine renaissance came over Languedoc. Today it is a treasure chest of regional varietals produced in authentic style by winemakers with an abiding passion for their land.

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