Sylvie Legros & Bruno Lafon





The idea of moving to Languedoc took root in 1999 when we realised something was happening in the region. We knew there were prime vineyard sites as pioneers had shown the way. Good wines showing faithfulness to style and archetypal features could undeniably be made here, but also wines for pleasure – why would wine be anything else? – and accessible offerings.


Bruno Lafon: “Vine growing and wine are in my blood”

With my native Burgundy now a part of my past, Magellan was self-liberating. It offered new terroirs, new grape varieties and new challenges. I got to know them and now make wines I enjoy that mirror both my culture and my second home.

Sylvie Legros: “My roots stem from the land”

I had to learn about growing vines and making wines from scratch. Magellan was therefore a voyage of discovery and adventure – a whole new world. Bruno makes the kind of wines that I love in a style that matches our mindset. My job is to make sure everything runs smoothly at the estate on a daily basis. I am responsible for the wines from the time they leave the tanks to when they reach your cellar.