The lion’s share of the estate is located in the Pech Redon area, meaning round hill. Its Triassic sandstone has miraculous attributes for growing vines. Its good drainage prevents standing water and therefore provides a natural barrier against disease. It has the ability to store up coolness in the subsoil so that vines never suffer from drought. These slightly acid soils produce wines with high minerality and very finely textured tannins. This site is home to a plot of Syrah and another of Grenache noir.

Although Caves de Paris is only 500m away as the crow flies, it has Villafranchian soils. Distinctively Mediterranean in nature, it is home to compact clay which holds water in summer and pebbles that store up the sun’s heat and radiate it back by night. A naturally low-cropping site, it yields very powerful, rich, spicy wines with high tannin presence. Very good acidity means the wines are always fresh. A plot of Grenache noir and another of Carignan are located here.

Southern varieties only – 25-50-year-old Grenache noir, 30-year-old Syrah and 60-year-old Carignan

All our vines are harvested by hand and the fruit is sorted in the vineyard. The grapes are destemmed and transferred to the tank using a conveyor belt. Winemaking is simple and low-tech with no added yeast. Temperature control provides gentle extraction, particularly at the start of fermentation. Each plot is fermented separately and blending takes place throughout the maturation process in Burgundy casks previously used for 3 to 6 wines.

55% Grenache, 30% Syrah, 15% Carignan

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